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Random Thoughts

Once upon a time in the early 70's I lived in a 2 flat in San Francisco's Castro District, yes it was a long time ago when it was just another SF neighborhood. A gal who lived down stairs worked for San Francisco Shirtworks Co. and in the collar of every shirt was a small white tag with a red heart bearing the simple Message; PS I Love You!

I loved those tags and asked my friend to bring me an envelope full of them and so my "personal signature" began. I sewed them into everything I made including clothes and knitted sweaters and eventually the bindings of quilts.

Fast forward to the 2000s and members of my friendship group the Pinups started begging me for tags to use in their own quilts but by then my stash of tags was getting low and I got uncharacteristically stingy with my tags. And of course the San Francisco Shirtworks Co. was now defunct so there were no more tags to be had!

Low and behold one of the members suggested,"Well why don't you make some more?" So I hunted down a label company that could duplicate them exactly and that Christmas all my Pin Up friends got a miniature red Chinese takeout box full of their own PS I Love You tags. Then it occurred to me that if my friends love them maybe lots of other quilters would also? So with my friend's help I took some into the local quilt shop where I was working and asked the owner if she would try them out? Before she could say yes a customer standing there said I would love to purchase them, and so it started.

Now 8 years later I have over 200 stores nationwide and in Canada selling my 16 different tags. Be sure to ask me about a SECRET Tag!  I've had a blast going to market and meeting new shops and quilters. They are loved by quilters and crafters alike, which is appropriate, since it all started with a little message of love.

P.S. We love you for reading our story! P.P.S The Pin Up girls get all their tags for free for life for all their support!